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Would You Visit 'The Naked City'?

It is starting to get cold and that always makes me think about where I want to go next summer. I’m going to share an almost secret with you, nobody asked me to keep it a secret so it isn’t bad for me to tell you, it just feels like one when googling it.


There is a naturist town known as Cap D’Agde on the south coast of France, it has a beach on which in summer you can see/do things that you would not on almost any other beach in Europe. It is a big town and has no cathedral yet is often known as ‘The Naked City’.

There are several popular swinger clubs for many variations of sexuality in the city and the whole place has been built with a very permissive attitude. There are saunas and swimming pools, cinemas and supermarkets. It is not only an adult holiday destination as many regular families also visit and there is lots to do for anyone there, the way these worlds co-exist is through a kind of unspoken understanding that some places are adult only and is a testament to human tolerance.

There are no signs telling you that if you keep walking up the beach until you only see adults then you may start to see behaviour very unlike other beaches. Naturally every year there is pressure to close it down for this reason and now police on horses walk around for a short part of the year. This still leaves many months of undisturbed activity and the beach takes on the look of a mini festival for permissiveness most of that time. It is a great destination for erotic exploration on any budget, many porn films are regularly shot there, and I can report that the local supermarket sells Gauche paint very cheap and it is perfect for body painting.

It is like a club where anyone can join and you are only held back by your clothes. If you want an all over tan next year then you could do much worse than investigating further.