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Ella Hughes

Hola mi amigos and welcome to a new instalment of 'Break & Enter' the exclusive industry insider. Though we are now in Spain we have a stunner of an English Rose for your viewing pleasure, it is up and coming starlet Ella Hughes!



Q: What made you get into adult work?

It wasn't at all intentional, it all started off as a jealous 'if you can do it then I can too' approach towards a friend of mine who modelled. One thing lead to another - the next thing I know I became a fetish model and slowly progressed into Glamour by working with Paul Raymond and shortly after that... porn!

Q: What project would you say was the highlight of your career so far?

My first ever Brazzers shoot - for many reasons! I'm use to doing my own make up and hair so to be told it would all be done for me whilst I learn my lines seemed all so glamorous. The shoot was outside in the freezing cold!! Trying to be sexy whilst shivering is difficult... The scene was hilarious to shoot with so much comedy packed in the fun! Kaizen always likes to make the shooting day as cold as possible for me, every time I shoot with them its outside and happens to be freezing cold.

Q: If there's anyone you could work with who would it be and why?

NINA HARTLEY!!!!! She is amazing! I have a thing for the older woman and she is the ultimate MILF. Her voice makes me wet and her eyes are so piercing, I love her dominance in some films and that is my ultimate fantasy - a dominant Nina Hartley.

And of course the gorgeous Rebecca More! I had the pleasure of meeting her and my gosh she is HOT! 

Q: Name 3 things that are a must in porn:

Goodness, for me the 3 must haves in porn is...
1) The foreplay is important, getting the watcher pumped up and ready instead of getting straight into the sex.
2) A bit of comedy goes a long way, every porn film I have done has had a bit of comedy. 
3) A great big pop shot to finish!!

Q: What are your best assets?

My bubble butt and ginger hair.

Q: What's the funniest thing you have encountered on set?

I have such a great time, everytime I shoot. The funniest thing is probably the dumb things I come out with. For example, I did a recent parody film set; I told Jonny Cockfill he looked like the vampire from 'Being Human' rather than 'Poldark...' little did I know it was the same actor!!!

Q: How do you engage with your fan base?

I make them feel appreciated by saying thank you for supporting me throughout my first year in the industry. I take regular selfies to bring myself down to earth and make me seem like a normal person - a girl next door and giving them regular photo updates on my shoots!! 

Snapchat works wonders for this too!

Q: What is the toughest thing about being a pornstar?

The stigma and hatred from closed minded individuals out there, no matter who you are and how thick skinned you are - it gets to you. If anyone says it doesn't they are probably lying.

Q: What would you like to see happen in the future of adult entertainment?

I would like to see more newbies in the business!! Some fresh faces, there seems to be a lack of them at the moment.

Q: What is your next project and can you give us any exclusive info?

My next film is another parody but this one is a take on 'The Great British Bake Off'.

I don't know enough about it to give any exclusive info BUT I can give you exclusive info about my new members site!! Launch day is (fingers crossed) in October and it is filled with hot performers and plenty of fetish content, the take I am going for is the cute redhead, who is a deep down submissive lesbian lol.

Discover more about Ella Hughes:

Twitter: @EllaHModel