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Graphic design should never rely on beautiful aesthetics alone. We believe that the strongest design has a story to tell, but it is also a conversation rather than a monologue. It is only when design captures the attention of the targeted audience and subconsciously encourages them to react as intended, that the work has been successful. We do not wait for the opportunity, we create it. At Red Roxy Studios, it is our specialised skillset and creative experience that enables us to help our clients achieve their short and long term business goals.


Pixel Perfection

We love collaborating with other creative individuals as part of a team but don’t worry if your focus in on other aspects of your business. We have over 15 years experience in visual communication so regardless of the support you need you are in very good hands. Our passion in life is to support businesses with bespoke, thoughtful elegant design work. Project by project, client by client, we are dedicated to providing quality designs that force a positive shift in consumer perspective and broaden the minds of followers everywhere while helping your brand to continue to flourish.

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Our Graphic Design Services

  • Flyers/Leaflets

  • Package Design

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Scientific Illustration

  • Digital Art

  • Infographics

  • Storyboards

  • Character Design & 2D Mascots

  • Traditional Media

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