Fake Taxi

There are a ton of sites out there that use actresses and actors to play “victims” who get fooled into having sex on camera. In reality, they’d end up in jail if it was real. One of the best out there is Fake Taxi or Horny Taxi, I think they’re pretty much the same thing, because not only is the sex awesome, but also because it’s funny as hell.


The premise is pretty much the same every time. The fake taxi driver is going around and picks up some incredibly hot women on the street. They’re all half naked and ‘slutted’ out for the most part, but they get in and start having a conversation with the driver.

The back and forth between the two is what’s funny. They have all kinds of scenarios from the “I don’t have any money to pay for the fare,” to the old, “Hey, I’ll pay your $300 to show me your tits.” There’s a wide variety of girls as well. It’s obviously filmed in Europe and we get everything from British to Scottish and from punk to posh.

It all ends up the same way though with the taxi driver convincing the fare to have sex with him and then giving her a cream pie or money shot on her ass or tits. I’m not usually one for those “fooling the women” sites because it’s obviously fake, but the humour in this one sets it apart from everyone else. It doesn’t hurt that it’s great spank bank material as well.