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Ava Sparxxx

Today, I want to talk about the amazing Ava Sparxxx. She’s the petite red head that can take a cock and who eats pussy like… well… a porn star. 


When you first see Eva, she seems so small and innocent, but then she takes all her clothes off and devours a cock like a she-devil. She started in the porn business at the age of 18, so this was a dedicated career decision early on. 

They say that every man’s fantasy is the Madonna-Whore, and no I’m not talking about the material girl. Men want a woman who looks all sweet and proper until we get them in bed and then starts slapping your dick and singing the Star Spangled Banner as uses the other hand to masturbate. 

That’s Ava Sparxxx in a nutshell, minus the singing. The first scenes I ever saw of her fit that mould. She was a nerdy young girl who overhears the jock and cheerleader talking and then ends up having sex with them. She’s exploring her body in front of a mirror or getting sex lessens from her “stepmom.” Yeah, we all watch those scenes so don’t deny it.

If you follow her on Twitter, then you’ll see a completely different side of her. The one that free and open about sex posting pictures of her scenes and saying things like “DICK it does a body good.”

Ava Sparxxx is a great performer and I cannot get enough of her… in 10-15 minute increments. I need time to “reload.”