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Female Fake Taxi

Odds are that if you have ever logged into PornHub or YouPorn you’ve at least been exposed to Fake Taxi. The basic premise is that a London cabby tricks, coerces, bribes, or flat out blackmails female riders into performing sexual acts. Pretty much a standard guy fantasy. 

Photo credit: Auto Evolution

Photo credit: Auto Evolution

They do a decent job attempting to maintain the amateur feel, but given the star isn't serving several consecutive sentences for sexual assault...

The creators have decided to expand the franchise to include female cabbies now. The ever lovely Rebecca Moore appears to be the main star of this particular series, with others adding variety by taking their turn behind the wheel. I’ll admit, it ticks some boxes for me:

  • Attractive naked women
  • Public sex
  • Car sex
  • Sexually aggressive female leads
  • That “amatuer” feel

All things, that if you’re a fan of, are great reasons to at least check out the new series.

However, I was hoping for more. I expected to see a woman wielding the same power usually reserved for men in these types of scenes. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Instead of this being a woman using tricks, coercion, bribery, and flat out blackmail to force a man to satisfy her dark desires, it’s more about a woman offering herself to her passengers. The sexual scenarios aren't taking advantage of the passenger; they are presented as a service, to make up for a wrong turn, or an exchange for a free ride.

On the upside the female leads never seem ashamed. They are blatantly and unabashedly sexually aggressive. They are initiating, not waiting to be hit on. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the standard. I’d like to see more of this. I’d like to see this taken a step or two further as well. There was one scene (of the ones I watched) that was reminiscent of the original series where the guy forgot his wallet. Where it fell short for me was when the driver offered an alternative method of payment, instead of demanding one. A “Well, you could...”, as opposed to a “Well now you’re gonna…”

Overall, I think it’s a good series that will appeal to people who want to indulge in the idea of a hot slutty cabby who is more than willing to make your ride as memorable as possible.